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About me
Gabriela Zago, PhD in Communication and Information; independent researcher in the field of Digital Media; living in the Austin area

Current affiliations

Researcher – MIDIARS Research Group (UFPel, Brazil)

Academic experience

2013-2015 – Associate professor – Federal University of Pelotas – Digital Design Department  (Pelotas, Brazil)

Guest professor at specializations:
2015 – Centro Universitário Franciscano – MBA in Social and Digital Media (course: Digital Communication)
2014 – Universidade de Passo Fundo – Graduate degree in Journalism and New Media (course: Information Architecture)
2012 – Universidade do Contestado – Graduate degree in Communications Consultancy and Digital Media (course: Digital Products Planning)
2010 – Universidade Feevale – Graduate degree in Digital Communication (course: Social Networks)

2017-2019 – Courtesy Research Associate – University of Oregon – School of Journalism and Communication (Eugene, United States)

2019-2021 – Community Education instructor – Portland Community College

Current research projects

News circulation of different types of news events on Twitter

Political polarization and information circulation on social media


Link to full CV

Link to Lattes (Brazilian CV platform)